My name is Michelle Richardson.  I was born and raised in Southern California and now reside in the State of Nevada. I am the owner of Notes of The Soul which is a metaphysical online shop where I’ve created soaps and candles that are crystal inspired and Reiki infused.

Reiki is the true life force energy which is balancing and good for the mind, body and spirit.  By pairing Crystals with Reiki the energy is amplified allowing both to work extremely well together so that your intentions are maximized.

My journey with energy infused soaps started when I started going for Reiki sessions. I decided to combine my love for natural products and life energy together and was compelled to learn more about the energy and healing properties of crystals.  I resonated so much with crystal energy that I decided to take a certification course and am now a Certified Crystal Healer. I have a deeper understanding about the properties and goodness that crystals bring into my life and I want to share this with the world.

Most of my soap bars and candles are inspired by specific crystals and I use the best essential oils and fragrances that have some of the same spiritual and metaphysical properties of the crystal.  That way each soap bar will have the same vibrational frequency as the crystal that it is paired with.

I was inspired to create soap and candle pairings while taking my Certified Crystal Healing Course. I realized that crystals had healing and manifestation properties and so I wanted to create products that would compliment each other. 

My spiritual journey started when I felt something missing in my life, I felt a sense of loneliness and I lacked confidence. So, I started searching for deeper meaning and purpose in my life, that’s when I met my mentor and now friend, Anna Hanael.  Anna is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master in Las Vegas, Nevada. With Anna’s guidance my life shifted from a lack of confidence in myself to gaining so much more confidence. I started my own company Notes of the Soul with Anna being the inspiration behind the name of my company when she replied to an email that I had sent her.  She mentioned how she had learned to “Speak through the note of her Soul” and I was intrigued by this one little phrase.  On hearing this phrase “Speak through the note of her Soul”, I wanted to understand what that actually meant so I asked and she explained, “We all are born with our specific individual soul note. When you are at peace and carry that peace within you all the time, you will automatically speak through that note. When we do that, people are listening to us very carefully." At that moment, I realized that everything that I was learning in Reiki and in my crystal healing course was preparing me to start my own company. I attribute Reiki, the true life force energy for part of the reason I have gained confidence in myself and it inspires me to change and be the best version of myself.

I am extremely proud of my products because I know that I’ve used the best natural and organic ingredients available.  Each bar is handcrafted and made by me and infused with Reiki and Crystal Energy. Reiki offers and you will become well rejuvenated and balanced overall in your mind, body and spirit. While using my soap bars you will enjoy a very relaxing bath or shower and the elegant aroma of my soap will engulf you as you set your intentions and prepare for your day or night. 

Always remember, "when you are at peace and carry that peace within you at all time’s you will automatically speak through your note!"